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Industrial distilled water machine

The industrial distilled water machine is used in the battery, pharmaceutical and serum pharmaceutical industries, with the aim of producing distilled water with a low electrical conductivity.

The two-stage Reverse osmosis (RO) device is the most common industrial method for supplying distilled water, but methods like ion exchange and electro thermal distillation are of other type of industrial distilled machine.

Industrial distilled water machine by RO

 Application of industrial distilled water machine

Industrial distilled water machine is used in the manufacture of batteries, pharmaceutical and serum pharmaceutical companies and laboratories. The main feature of distilled water is the low electrical conductivity (EC).

The electrical conductivity of distilled water is usually below 1 micro Siemens and its pH is also neutral.Industrial distilled water machine which is used in the pharmaceutical and serum pharmaceutical industry does not have any contamination or microbes in microbial condition.

Accordingly, various types of industrial distilled water disinfectants are designed and constructed in the TARHOKAR Engineering Company.

The industrial distilled machine is used in the battery industry in order to produce acid. In this industry, distilled water should not contain any heavy metals such as iron, manganese or aluminum, and its pH should be neutral.

Industrial distilled water machine must be safe in terms of complete microbial contamination in pharmaceutical and serum pharmaceutical industry. The use of disinfection methods such as ultraviolet irradiation (UV) or oxidation with ozone is used as a supplementary part.

Industrial distilled machine process:

Due to the use of industrial distilled water machine, the kind of production process is different too. The most commonly used method for producing distilled water is the use of a reverse osmosis system with two stages, Double RO. In this method, reverse osmosis water is reinstated to the second stage of osmosis, and the electrical conductivity of the water in this device is reduced through this way. Waterborne diverted water can be supplied to the Exchanger Ion.

In the resin system, water ions are absorbed into the cationic or anionic resin with a positive and negative load and as a result, pure water is produced. The Industrial distilled water machine is from is from the oldest industrial and laboratory methods of evaporation and condensation based on the distillation methods which  is not very efficient  due to its high prices in this days.

The newest distillate water dispenser is the Electro Deionizer method, which removes water from the direct current of ions load. Electro Deionizer (EDI) is rapidly expanding due to the lack of chemicals and easy handling and high efficiency.